The Birth of a Super Sauce

The Birth of a Super Sauce

How does an idea come to be?

How is a brand or product born?

Sometimes it’s as simple as spilling something!

To be more specific, spilling sweet potatoes into marinara sauce. This is exactly how Natalia’s Sweet Potato Tomato Sauce was created, kicking off a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional sauces.

Was it really that simple? Well, there is actually much more behind the tasty sauce, but it truly did begin through an accident! One evening Natalia, a loving wife and a hard working mother of three, was hustling in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready in the midst of a busy household. In the middle of attempting to handle the wave of tasks a dedicated parent takes on all at once, she accidentally spilled a fresh batch of roasted, pureed sweet potatoes into a pan of marinara sauce intended for the pasta dinner to feed her family. Feeling frustrated, she believed dinner was ruined; but with a mind as creative as Natalia’s she began to think of the nutritional powerhouse the sweet potato was. With her husband and kids already seated for dinner, she channeled her inner chef and served the sauce.

A Sauce Is Born

With no hesitation, Natalia’s family inhaled this magnificent new creation. She knew she had a winner. Not long after that dinner, Natalia was cooking up her new nutritious and delicious alternative for all sorts of meals. Lasagna, enchiladas, pasta, pizza, and even dipping sauce was tapping into the power of the sweet potato.

The Paleo and Gluten Free Super Vegetable

The sweet potato itself is a star among vegetables with a hefty source of beta-Carotene, Vitamins A, B6, C, and D. The combination of these properties plus the fact that the sauce is 75% vegetable per serving, gluten free, no sugar added, low fat, low sodium, and no artificial ingredients. Just 7 natural ingredients make this sauce a very healthy option when it comes to dinner time!

As a farmer’s daughter raised in Bakersfield, California, Natalia knows firsthand the hard work and value that goes into raising premium produce. Every sweet potato included in each jar of sauce comes directly from Natalia’s family farm. She means it when she says “from our farm to your kitchen!” Harvesting the sweet potatoes is a fun family affair, including Natalia’s three young children who love to go into the fields to help pick.

Third generation farming family, hard at work, harvesting tomatoes in Bakersfield, CA.

With Natalia producing the sauce consistently for her family, she began to jar it and give it to friends who, of course, fell in love with it as well. With the help of a local chef at her children’s school, the recipe was further refined allowing Natalia to improve the quality and consistency of the sauce which is now available in places like Whole Foods , Shelton’s Natural Foods, and Oliver’s Markets.

Natalia and brother Michael harvesting the star vegetable-sweet potatoes.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I say that a mother was the necessity for this invention. With many writing to tell Natalia how the sauce is changing their eating habits and health, the reward is no longer singular to her inner circle. Natalia’s sights are set on a larger distribution that will continue to change people’s lives in the tastiest of ways! But don’t take our word for it. Click below and try some for yourself. You won’t just be helping yourself. You will also be helping a woman on a mission to change the health and lives of those in her community.

Click to try Natalia’s Sweet Potato Tomato Sauce for yourself!

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