A Slow, Busy Summer

A Slow, Busy Summer

Summer is wrapping up and “back to school” is knocking at my door!

It feels like just last week I was writing my “Taste of California Summer” blog for June. Every summer seems to go by too fast. It doesn’t seem to matter if the summer brings you carefree, childlike thrills or adult-like relax and chill-out celebrations, this season always comes to an end too darn quickly. This year was what I like to call a slow, busy summer around here.

Slow because we were not rushing hither & yon like a whirling derby to be in 12 places at once; this summer we stayed local for the most part, and we did not sign up and say “yes” to every – single – invitation, camp, sports activity etc., etc. Sometimes saying no is hard for someone like me— I love doing everything and being busy. But this summer, I eased off of saying yes and found tons of joy in simplifying our schedules. And busy, because even with the practice of simplifying, we still had a lot going on. It is just like that with a family of five… and I love it!

Summer Moments

For me, summer includes participating Sunday mornings at the Windsor Certified Farmers Market. It has become such a wonderful part of my week! Having my kids and nieces help me at my booth has also rivaled into a special & memorable experience together. From 10 am -1 pm on Sundays, we embrace the charm of our small town with our fellow vendors, familiar customers, and always new friends! There is live music regularly and creative activities for kids! I am so proud to be a part of this. I can’t thank my kiddos enough for all their help!


Meet the Nieces and Nephews

I absolutely LOVE my kids with ALL my heart— no doubt about it! But there is something so special and charming about loving people through the lense of being an auntie. I really enjoy these kids OH-SO-MUCH! Spending time with them would make anyone smile. Here they are in just a few words:


Ainsley: My oldest niece. She is smart, responsible, brave and wise. She loves to help, work, and learn new things. I’m so proud of this kid! Ainsley just loves using my Sweet Potato Tomato Sauce in her meatball subs. Yum!

Bianca in a Snuggie Blanket made by Audrey

Audrey: My composed, creative, craft-happy, and very organized niece. This little lady may have a soft voice, but she can whip out this homemade blanket/snuggie in minutes. She loves to cook & develop delicious desserts, usually something with mint chocolate or red velvet. Anything sweet, just like her! 

Georgia: Confident and self-assured. I love that about her. Not only does she want to be part of everything, she doesn’t let anything keep her from being part of everything. Gotta love the heart of a fearless spirit!

Sarah: Patient, cautious, and lovingly tolerant of her little cousin, Leo (my youngest), who competes for her attention. Sarah is another niece who loves to bake – she has mastered cherry pies. Check out her recipe below!


Jadon: Our “old soul” and sports enthusiast. He is sooo much fun, and might know more about sports than his dad…might. He is bright, respectful, athletic, faith-filled and very dear, all in one snappy package.

Bianca and Elle

Elle: Ah, the free-spirit. Elle is a movie star with charm bracelets. She loves fashion, family, and more fashion and family! Whimsical, loyal, and filled with a happy heart, Elle never has a bad day.

Rome: Our comedian! This little charmer is something else! How do I describe Rome? Hilarious, amusing & smart-as-a-whip! Dear Lord, I love this kid.

George: Mister George is determined. Determined to play… until it’s time to go to bed, Sir! I can’t help but admire this about him. So do his cousins— playing until you JUST CAN’T KEEP your eyelids open is a child’s right of passage within a classic summer.

With another well-done summer in the books, I’m already feeling grateful and nostalgic for these moments. Alas, back to school means back to routine for our family, which is always nice. Not to mention, I am looking forward to fall and working on some new and delicious recipes for you to try (healthy soups, chilis, and stews, salads…)  Xo, Natalia

Cannon and Jadon on Balboa Island, Newport Beach

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